The Atkere family, well known for enterprising spirit commenced the journey as a small scale unit over six decades ago, which today stands as one among the best in the field.

A. G. L. Pai Rice Mill was founded by late Sri Atkere Govindray Pai (1921-1994) and the firm was clothed with corporate veil in 1965. It was the first firm of its kind during those times. Late Sri Atkere Govindray Pai nurtured and grew the business with great vision and able guidance till 1994.

The torch kindled by the founder is taken forward in all brightness by Atkere Laxman Pai, Atkere Ganapathi Pai and Atkere Raghavendra Pai, the members of Atkere family. They are focused on the vision and mission of the firm that was set by late Sri Atkere Govindray Pai and striving hard to expand the business with all sincerity.

At present, the management also consists of two of their heirs of the present generation Atkere Vinayak Pai and Atkere Vivek Pai, sons of Atkere Laxman Pai. Both bring with them, the new world thinking, enthusiasm and a very hard working attitude to proudly run the family business that was started by their grandfather and take it to new heights.

The firm has more than six decades of experience in rice manufacturing and is constantly upgrading its facilities in line with the improving technology. Presently the firm has sophisticated machineries like Fowler Westrup pre-cleaning unit, Stainless Steel dryer plants, Milltech Vibro Sheller, Milltech Whitner polishing units and Vibro de-stoners grading units and Qed Colour Sorter that are state of the art modern machineries enabling high quality manufacturing.

All this could be achieved due to the very stringent quality control measures that were introduced in the unit right from its inception and the constant look out for opportunities to improve and excel.

The firm has also expanded its business into the trading of the grain items, pulses, oil and sugar.






Rice Milling Process Chart






Quality is of utmost priority for us. Quality of rice is not always easy to define as it depends on the consumer and the intended end use for the grain. We maintain a very hygienic environment in our rice mill to make sure the rice that is manufactured is of the best possible quality. Rice quality not only depends on machineries but also it depends on rice paddy used in the process. For offering high quality products, we carefully select sample paddies, subject them inspection and select the only the best for milling process.

Everyone wants to buy good quality products with economical cost. It is a natural thought. Hence as part of our vision we offer our valuable products and brands with high quality and economical in cost. We constantly look to improve the quality and maintain constantly at a high level. As our products are of high quality, our brands are popular and widely marketed in Coastal Karnataka, Southern Karnataka and major cities of Kerala state. The pleasant aroma, natural taste and purity of our products help us in maintaining a long standing relationship with our customer and earn deserving accolades.



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